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Let's discover Eagle in less than 5 minutes.

About Eagle

Eagle is an Adaptive Secure Software Factory Platform with a declarative end to end DevSecOps life cycle for agile software delivery.

Built on Kubernetes, Eagle provides and end-to-end self-service developer experience to create new services and applications from a managed catalog. Each application and service comes with a batteries-included boiler plate built with best practices, fully automated CI and CD pipelines and deployment strategies.

Your Own Software Factory, up and running on Day 1

Empower your teams by getting your own Cloud Native Software Factory up and running on Day 1. Your teams can begin using Eagle to create new services and workloads, that come with full end to end CI/CD pipelines right away.

Key Features

  • Provides declarative infrastructure and deployment with full life cycle automated DevSecOps
  • Provides continuous security and compliance to offer Anytime ATO and Continuous ATO capabilities with SBOMs, Software Supply Chain management, distro-less, digitally signed containers
  • Supports multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments
  • Supports public cloud Kubernetes engines like EKS, AKS, GKE and native engines
  • Features Software Services and Applications catalog for accelerated developer experience with fully automated CI/CD pipelines and deployment options
  • Built with modular architecture to enable plug and play components to assemble your Software Factory based on the context and workloads

Support for AKS, GKE, Multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud clusters are currently in preview stage.